To apply to IC3 Institute’s flagship one-year program in career and college counseling, you must be a full-time employee at a high school.

Independent career counselors are not eligible to apply to the program. However, if you are also a full-time employee at a high school and can provide a guarantee that you will continue to work with the school for two years after the completion of the program, you may apply for the program.

Apply for the IC3 Institute One-Year Flagship Program

Application Requirements

To apply successfully to the program, candidates must:

  1. Have permission from their school to participate.
  2. Provide commitment from their school to establish a full-time counseling/career guidance office on its premises.
  3. Physically attend all FOUR weeks of the residential week in various cities across India
  4. Agree to fund their travel and airfare to the residential program locations.
  5. 'English' is the main medium of instruction and communication in the program.

Application and Selection Process

For successful application, candidates must fulfill ALL criteria mentioned in the application requirements.

Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tuition Fee

The Empower program is offered at no cost to the school and the applicants. The program cost is USD 3600, and the IC3 Institute currently offsets this cost through philanthropic donations and volunteer support. In the event of a participant leaving the program mid-way, the school will be liable to pay USD 500 to the IC3 Institute as administrative charges within 30 days of the participant’s discontinuation from the program.


Participants will have to fund their travel (airfare, ground transport, etc.) to the residential program weeks at partner universities themselves. Participants are expected to reach the host university by Sunday evening for the program commencing Monday morning. The module will run until the afternoon of the following Saturday.


Accommodation is provided by host universities from Sunday through Saturday for each of the four residential program weeks. For any additional nights outside these program dates, candidates will need to arrange for their own accommodation.