IC3 Institute Accreditation


    The IC3 Institute Accreditation recognizes career and college counseling offices in high schools that are invested in student success, and that follow best practices to ensure the best standards of support to help their students make informed career decisions, by awarding them with a peer-reviewed and peer-recognized accreditation.


    To shape the landscape of international career and college counseling practised in high schools globally by setting standards of best practices in the field to support schools in helping their students make best fit career decisions.


    To recognize high schools that have demonstrated commitment to connecting students with opportunities for success, and shown innovation in career exploration and development through a robust career and college counseling department.

    Reasons to enroll in IC3 Accreditation

    Evolution of school’s career and college counseling practices
    Recognition and visibility in the global education community
    Strengthened parent-school relationship
    Access to IC3’s global network and resources

    Eligibility Criteria

    Schools that meet the following criteria are eligible to express their interest in the IC3 Institute Accreditation:
    K-12 school or junior college with an active career and college counseling office
    Full-time counselor on school payroll

    Standards for Accreditation

    The career and college counseling facilities in schools are evaluated on the following standards





    Management Support
    Process Management and Documentation
    School Partnerships and Associations

    Accreditation Levels


  • Schools receive a Grade A, Grade A+, or Grade A++ accreditation, based on a quantitative evaluation of the set standards for accreditation, with Grade A++ being the highest
  • Schools can apply for a reconsideration of level after six months of initial accreditation

    Assessment Fee

  • First time Applicant School: Administrative cost USD 480 (per school and per campus in case of a group of schools)
  • Additional campus within the city USD 200
  • Additional campus outside the city USD 250
  • Renewal: Administrative cost USD 250 (every three years)
  • Reconsideration of Accreditation Level: Administrative cost USD 250 (after a minimum of six months since last evaluation)
  • The school will be responsible for organizing the visit of the Visiting Evaluator, which may include the cost and logistics of travel.


  • The accreditation will need to be renewed every three years to ensure continued adherence to best practices
  • Schools can apply for reconsideration of accreditation level after a minimum of six months since last evaluation

  • For more information on the accreditation process, write to


    The counseling departments of the below-mentioned schools have been accredited by the IC3 Institute

    Oberoi International School, Mumbai Maharashtra

    For us, the best part of the process was self-study. Discussing who we are, what we are doing well, and where we can still grow bonded us as a department and provided us with a common goal for the next few years. Hearing from other stakeholders (parents, students, staff) was helpful. And the end result gave us a thoughtful document we can take to our administration to get their support for what the counseling department wants to accomplish.

    Tiffany Goulet

    University Guidance Counselor

    KC High School, Chennai

    The IC3 Accreditation has been a meaningful exercise for the University and Guidance Counseling team at KC High. It gave us an excellent opportunity to evaluate our counseling practices critically. This was possible through the self-study process based on various standards set by the IC3 Institute, which was peer-reviewed by a visiting evaluator and corroborated with evidence submitted by us. It was a great learning experience where we were appreciated for our best practices and, at the same time, given feedback and suggestions on how to improve further. Overall it was like an appraisal process where the team felt positive, motivated, and inspired to work harder to support our students in the best possible way.

    Soju Salem

    University and Career Guidance Counselor

    Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet

    It has given me a great pointer on drafting policies for career & college counseling services for the school to be able to provide a clear idea of what students, parents and staff members can expect from this department, best ways to access and the responsibilities of various stakeholders. This will help to bring clarity and visibility.

    Mrs. Reena Singh

    Career Counselor