At IC3 Institute, we strongly believe that there is a profound impression a subject teacher leaves on individuals for a “Lifetime”! For instance, one may not remember the doctor who treated him/her in Grade 8 but will surely recall the teacher who taught in Grade 3. The teacher’s passion and method of facilitation often inspire students to take up that subject in their higher education. Hence, introducing Embark which is the foundation program for career and college counseling will help school teachers to build purpose in students’ lives and improve academic engagement for all.

    This program aligns and furthers the IC3 Institute’s ideology of making career counseling an integral function in schools, as basic and as important as English and Math. With the growing need and relevance of career counseling, the ratio of full-time counselors to students is not conducive to providing the support that students need. This cannot be achieved by ONE counselor in the school, it needs the support of every teacher who can be at least a 10% career counselor.

    Career and college counseling is also instrumental in helping teachers bridge the gap between academic knowledge and its practical application and to make learning joyful by making careers come alive in the classroom for students. Simply put, teaching involves imparting knowledge and career counseling involves linking that knowledge to the world outside. A Physics teacher can teach the concepts of sound and radio technology, but when the teacher can help the student see the application of these concepts around them- the acoustics of a classroom, the way our smartphones function, they partly inculcate career counseling into their lesson plan. The Counseling LaboratoryTM pedagogy used by the IC3 Institute equips teachers with the resources to contextualize classroom teaching and correlate academic subjects with the real world of work.

    • Ability to connect subject learning in the classroom to careers in the world of work.
    • Ability to conduct research on courses, careers, and universities as per student need and background
    • Assist students in self-discovery and navigation of their choices
    • Adopt a data-driven and collaborative approach to career decision-making
    • Understand the features and highlights of various study destinations across the globe
    • Build the counseling ecosystem in the school along with the counselor


    • To sensitize school teachers to the need for career and college counseling and empower them with the fundamental knowledge
    • To enable teachers to become at least 10% counselors
    • To advance counseling as a shared responsibility
    • To equip the teachers to adopt a holistic approach while working with students, significantly altering the learning outcomes in the classroom

    For School teachers/ program learners:

    • A great opportunity to learn from Industry experts and expansion of skills
    • Improved confidence in serving as a supporting career counselor
    • Learn about career counseling and its impact
    • Master and create new age teaching approach by incorporating career counseling concepts into your subject lesson plans
    • Support the student’s journey beyond school years

    For School Community:

    • Maximization of student success beyond school
    • Increased levels of student interest and engagement in the classroom
    • Better student-teacher-parent relationships
    • Excellent understanding of how classroom concepts are applied in real-world jobs
    • Building of a holistic ecosystem in school for a comprehensive experience
    • Increase in opportunities for the students

    Curriculum Outline

    • - The Counseling Laboratory™ pedagogy & its application
    • - Higher education trends across local regions and around the globe
    • - Linkages between academic subjects and the world of work, educational pathways
    • - Worldwide study destinations
    • - Preparation and processes involved in supporting student aspirations

    Duration of the course: 30 hours (Online training)

    Training format / Session Structure: Virtual, Synchronous as per schedule
    1st cohort: For Latin America region (April - July 2023)
    2nd cohort: For African region (April - July 2023)
    3rd cohort: Open across world regions (Oct-Dec 2023)

    Cost of the course: No cost involved, only commitment (regular attendance, active participation, and timely completion of assessments)

    Eligibility: Ideal for school teachers, high school coordinators, and beginner-level counselors


    ‘Certificate of Completion’ from the IC3 Institute, awarded based on attendance and assessment scores.