About the IC3 Institute


The vision of the IC3 Institute is to enable access to career and college counseling for high school students around the world. The IC3 Institute will empower high schools by providing guidance and training resources, to help them establish, run, and maintain robust career and college counseling departments.

Regional Challenges

India had over 71,000 senior secondary schools in 2010, based on data published by the Government of India, having grown from 42,000 schools in 2001. This rapid growth in schools, given the burgeoning youth demographic of India, has over 9.2 million students enrolled in class XII. India also has one of the largest student enrollments in higher education, estimated at 35.7 million students but simultaneously we hear of instances of over 60% graduating engineers being unemployed and continuous attrition and low satisfaction rates in the workforce. This problem is not isolated to India, but is prevalent in the region with many countries facing similar issues.

One of the key factors is the lack of guidance and counseling that students receive in high school about career paths and higher education options. As schools continue to grow, the focus still is on human resources that deliver core curriculum vs. a balance on understanding key strengths of the student and providing customized counseling for higher education and career opportunities. Moreover, with lack of resources, many schools cannot justify separate personnel or infrastructure towards this problem. Even if some schools decided to employ a career and college counselor, it would be very difficult to find one. The complete lack of trained professionals in the field has only exasperated the problem.


The IC3 leadership team instituted multiple research studies in 2017 with the following results:

  1. In a survey of 112 high school counselors, 70% of counselors felt that parents and students were highly stressed about career-related decisions.
  2. 68% of the 1,330 students surveyed mentioned setting up a dedicated career counseling office in the school as the most important action their school can do to help their decision about higher education. 60% of the students mentioned involving parents in counseling sessions as the next important step.
  3. In a survey of industry professionals, 77% of respondents felt that less than 40% of fresh graduates have a good understanding of the careers they wish to pursue. 95% of the respondents also felt that universities should ensure students do internships and have a strong career center to increase understanding of careers for fresh graduates.

In light of the three research studies, it was evident that the students need career and college preparation from an early stage in high school. Dedicated career and college counseling offices at schools are a critical necessity today, and schools need to be encouraged to provide help to their students. There is also an urgent need for involving parents in the counseling process, and have this exercise begin as early as class 8 or 9.

IC3 Solution

The IC3 (International Career & College Counseling) Institute is a volunteer organization that provides support to high schools around the world through guidance and training resources for high school administrators, teachers and counselors. The IC3 Institute helps schools with a variety of priorities including establishing a counseling office, training human resources and providing access to a repository of remote training and professional development resources.

The IC3 Institute provides experienced trainers (faculty) who serve as mentors to high school principals, administrators, teachers and counselors with expertise on all aspects of career and college counseling. The training/consulting by these volunteer trainers is executed through site visits, online sessions and access to videos and online training material. In addition, a counselor certification program will also be offered through partnership with leading universities.

Careers and Job Openings

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