About the IC3 Institute

The IC3 Institute is a volunteer-based organization that provides support to high schools around the world through guidance and training resources for high school administrators, teachers and counselors to help establish and maintain robust career and college counseling departments.

A systems-based solution, the IC3 Institute builds the capacity of high schools by training human resources in career and college counseling and providing access to a repository of remote training, mentoring, and professional development resources.

It also serves as a think tank and thought leader on global higher education and career readiness through convenings of experts and timely research.

Unique Differentiators


The IC3 Institute was established in 2018 and is an integral part of the IC3 (International Career & College Counseling) Movement.

The IC3 Movement, at its core, is dedicated to helping young people across the globe find career paths through education that will lead to fulfilled, happy and productive lives. Through events like the IC3 Conference and IC3 Regional Forums, and initiatives like IC3 Live, IC3 aims to sensitize leaders of educational institutions around the world to the need and criticality of a robust career and college counseling department.

The IC3 Institute serves as the nerve-center of the IC3 Movement, training and developing teachers and schools to become effective champions and advocates for the educational and professional future of their students. In 2019, the IC3 Institute was incorporated in the U.S. as a public charity.


  • Train teachers to provide effective career and college counseling to high school students.
  • Build the capacity of teachers to infuse a culture of college and career counseling in their schools.
  • Support schools in developing dedicated career and college centres and Counseling Laboratory™
  • Enable students to identify best-fit options, thus increasing college readiness and job satisfaction.
  • Shape the knowledge base and inform the practice of international career and college counseling through research and evidence.

The IC3 Institute aims to:

Train 100,000 Professionals

Impact 176,000 Schools

In the next 15 Years

Across South and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and other world regions

Key Offering

IC3 Institute’s flagship program’s key offering is a one-year certificate program in career and college counseling designed for full-time school counselors and teachers. The program is free of cost and delivered in four distinct one-week modules conducted in person at designated locations, supplemented with self-study, online materials, and video conference sessions.

Through this program, the IC3 Institute helps schools build their capacity to offer career and college counseling by establishing a Counseling Laboratory™ – a concept pioneered by Mr. Ganesh Kohli, founder of the IC3 Movement.

Important note: In everything we do at the IC3 Institute, the safety and well-being of our program participants is our top concern. Due to the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in India, we at the IC3 Institute have decided to transition the first two residential weeks (September 2020 and December 2020) to online weeks. For the residential weeks scheduled in April 2021 and June 2021, we are committed to conducting those weeks in-person at different universities in India however it will remain contingent upon the prevailing situation at that time.