Participation Statistics

The IC3 Institute and the overall IC3 Movement have developed an innovative, systems-change approach to tackling the global issues of the lack of college and career readiness and fit through the early interventions of career and college counseling for every high school student.

This much-needed solution is beginning to have a clear impact and is changing the landscape of secondary education in India and other developing countries.

Empower IC3 Institute’s Flagship One-Year Program: Incremental and multiplier impact on schools and student

1st Cohort (2018-2019)

2nd Cohort (2019-2020)

3rd Cohort (2020-2021)

Increasing volunteer participation and strengthening partnerships

Every year, the IC3 Institute is witnessing increased volunteer participation as more Indian universities offer their campuses to host residential weeks of the certificate program, and their faculty as volunteers, to train the program cohorts.