About Empower

    Empower trains teachers to become full-fledged career and college counselors and set up career & college counseling departments in their schools. IC3 Institute's sponsored volunteer-based training model brings together universities, industry, and high schools to create a space for knowledge sharing and peer learning to enable teachers to take on the dynamic world of college and careers alongside students. The program is offered at no cost, and structured in four distinct one-week modules that are delivered in person at designated locations over the course of one year, supplemented with self-study materials and video conference sessions. These one-week modules are held once a quarter at partner host universities around India.

    The hybrid delivery model combines online and offline sessions to ensure a lifelong bond between IC3 Institute career counselors. We ensure scalability and complete knowledge of student context and needs by focusing on the high school teacher as a change maker . One teacher can impact millions of students in her lifetime. We have successfully built a programming pipeline to ensure teachers coming from any background or learning level can work with IC3 Institute to become full-fledged counselors free of cost, as long as they have a long-term commitment to serve the students in their school.

    Learning outcomes of the Program:
    • Empowered to improve career and college counseling practices in school through the Counseling Laboratory™, and access to a community of educators
    • Equipped with relevant concepts and best practices of national and international education ecosystems, changing career landscapes and future jobs, and career and college counseling
    • Equipped with career counseling strategies, techniques, resources, and tools to work with students and parents
    • Contribute as change-makers in their regional ecosystems
    Learning outcomes for students - students will gain knowledge and deeper understanding of:
    • Changing landscapes of future jobs, emerging careers, and the world of work
    • Their strengths, areas of improvement, aptitude and skills required for future jobs
    • Global study destinations, world cultures, and job opportunities in different countries
    • College admission process, selection of universities, testing and assessments, and scholarships and financial aid
    • Travel planning and settling down in different countries
    Program Delivery

    Empower runs multiple times in the year. There are four weeks of learning delivered in person during the residential program hosted at partner universities in India. These four residential program weeks are individually delivered once per quarter, throughout the year. The host universities provide transfers, campus accommodation, and meals to the learners during the residential program week. This is supplemented by virtual learning through a series of webinars and about five hours of online work per week throughout the program.

    Our pedagogy draws upon the collective experience of the faculty and the latest practices in the field of career and college counseling. The methodology adopted at the IC3 Institute comprises interactive lectures and class discussions, delivered through real-world case studies, experiential learning, and project work in collaboration with fellow learners. The program also offers opportunities for learners to gain access to and develop a global network with educators and expert counselors from around the world. learners also have access to an array of online content and tools.

    Important note:

    Traveling for four residential weeks and attending in person is mandatory for meeting the program requirements (including the members from outside of India)

    Program Details

    Program Delivery Hours Credits
    Residential Program (including four weeks) 160 16
    Online Program (total) 90 9
    • Synchronous/Live sessions
    69 7
    • Asynchronous modules (Harappa courses)
    21 2
    Projects, Assignments 100 10
    Total 350 35
    • Residential Program: Four in-person interventions (one-week each), held quarterly at four leading universities in India. The sessions are planned from Monday to Friday.
      Cohort members are requested to arrive on the Sunday prior to the host University; departure can be planned for Friday evening or Saturday morning after the completion of sessions on Friday.
    • Please note:
      • Learners are required to make their own travel arrangements to attend the residential weeks. The residential weeks are currently organized at partner host universities in India. All four weeks are mandatory to attend to meet the program requirements.
      • In the case of participants traveling from outside India, any requests for Visa letters must be sent at least 15 days prior via email/LMS
      • Cohort members are recommended to stay on campus in the accommodation provided by the host university.
      • Additional or separate communication regarding travel for the residential weeks is not issued by the IC3 Institute as it is covered in the approval letter
    • Online Program:
      • Synchronous/live sessions:
        • Three interventions, 15 sessions per intervention.
        • The duration of sessions in Online series 1 and Online series 3 is 90 minutes on designated days of the week.
        • The sessions of Online series 2 are 120 minutes in duration, on designated days of the week;
      • Asynchronous: Skills development courses by Harappa Education,
        available until 31st Dec 2023 on the learner platform.


    Volunteer as IC3 Institute Faculty

    Volunteer faculty are valued members of the IC3 Institute. They play a key role in mentoring, teaching, and sharing their learnings and experiences with the learners of the one-year certificate program. Our learners are able to bridge the gap between theory and industry requirements with the guidance, experiences, tools, and resources provided by the faculty.

    We welcome you to join the IC3 Institute as a volunteer faculty member and support the IC3 Institute’s mission by sharing your knowledge on career and college counseling with a global community of learners.


    The IC3 Institute program is delivered by a diverse range of volunteer faculty members. The IC3 Institute currently partners with leading higher education institutions in India such as Christ University, Flame University, Ahmedabad University, Shiv Nadar University, and with 250+ subject matter experts and faculty from around the world who teach as volunteers in the IC3 Institute.

    Our volunteer faculty network consists of

    • Seasoned high school counselors and leaders from around the world
    • University faculty members and admissions teams from the host, global consortium of universities and other institutions
    • Experts from private education service providers, governmental organizations, and industry professionals


    The Certification for Empower has been defined to help learners plan their participation to meet the standards for successful completion of the program. This policy has two main components- Attendance and Academic Performance. learners are assessed on their online assignments, project work, and submission of their capstone project repor

    • Learners with cumulative attendance of above 75% throughout the program and satisfactory academic performance as per the policy (75% and above) will be eligible for a Certificate of Excellence
    • Learners with cumulative attendance of below 74% (with a minimum of 66%) throughout the program and below 74% (with a minimum of 61%) grade on assessments will be eligible for a Certificate of Completion in the program
    • Learners with below 65 on attendance and 60% on assessments will not be eligible for any certification

    The certificate is issued by the IC3 Institute in association with the host university and is presented to successful learners at the Graduation Ceremony of the Annual IC3 Conference & Expo held in August every year.



    To apply to IC3 Institute’s flagship one-year program in career and college counseling, you must be a full-time employee at a high school.

    To apply for Empower, the applicant's school must be at least up till Grade X (10th class)

    Only one person per school will be accepted for each cohort. The rest may apply for future cohorts of Empower or consider other IC3 Institute programs.

    Independent career counselors are not eligible to apply to the program. However, if you are also a full-time employee at a high school and can provide a guarantee that you will continue to work with the school for two years after the completion of the program, you may apply for the program.

    Apply for Empower
    Application Requirements

    To apply successfully to the program, applicants must:

    • Have permission from their school to participate.
    • Provide commitment from their school to establish a full-time counseling/career guidance office on its premises.
    • Physically attend all FOUR weeks of the residential week in various cities across India.
    • Agree to fund their travel and airfare to the residential program locations.
    • Confirm basic proficiency in the English language, which will be the primary medium of instruction and communication in the program .
    Application and Selection Process

    For successful application, candidates must fulfill ALL criteria mentioned in the application requirements.

    Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Tuition Fees

    The Empower program is offered at no cost to the school and the applicants. The program cost is USD 3600, and the IC3 Institute currently offsets this cost through philanthropic donations and volunteer support. In the event of a participant leaving the program mid-way, the school will be liable to pay USD 500 to the IC3 Institute as administrative charges within 30 days of the participant’s discontinuation from the program.


    Participants will have to fund their travel (airfare, ground transport, etc.) to the residential program weeks at partner universities themselves. Participants are expected to reach the host university by Sunday evening for the program commencing Monday morning. The module will run until the afternoon of the following Saturday.


    Accommodation is provided by host universities from Sunday through Saturday for each of the four residential program weeks. For any additional nights outside these program dates, candidates will need to arrange for their own accommodation.

    For details on the schedule of the program

    Program Schedule

    Apply Now


    DNA of Counseling

    1. Counseling pedagogies
    2. Counseling curriculum development
    3. The Counseling Laboratory™
    4. Advising best practices
    5. Mindfulness in career and college choices
    6. Working with parents and students
    7. Economics of higher education

    What to Study

    1. History and future of careers
    2. Programs of study: an insight into diverse options
    3. Student study area preferences
    4. Changing landscape of careers
    5. Careers at intersections
    6. Extensive study options in the STEM fields
    7. The fascinating field of the arts
    8. Non-mathematics program study options
    9. Professional degree programs and how options differ across countries of study

    Where to Study

    1. Global mobility statistics
    2. Popular study destinations
    3. Different styles of education (i.e. liberal arts, research-focused, etc.)
    4. Country higher education deep dives
    5. India and the Asian subcontinent
    6. United States
    7. United Kingdom
    8. Canada
    9. Australia
    10. Singapore
    11. Other European destinations:
    12. Germany, Ireland, France
    13. Middle East

    How to Make it Happen

    1. Psychometric testing
    2. College admissions process: insight into differing processes across countries
    3. Technology tools for advising
    4. Testing
    5. Scholarships and financial aid
    6. Holistic and comprehensive evaluation systems
    7. Nuts and bolts of applications for different countries
    8. Facilitating university selection