The IC3 Institute invites universities around the world who are committed to sustainable and innovative solutions to global engagement to become Founding Members of the Consortium. The Consortium is a network of colleges and universities that jointly support the nurturing of global talent, college readiness, and career preparedness through the systems and early intervention approach of effective career and college counseling in high schools. Joining as a Founding Member offers a unique and exclusive opportunity for pioneering institutions to be seen as thought leaders in developing long-lasting engagements with schools that can impact 327 million youth in South Asia alone, and that contribute to the IC3 Institute’s goal of training 100,000 professionals and impacting 176,000 schools over the next 15 years. Given the disruptions to both higher education and industries by COVID-19, it is important now more than ever for universities to partner with high schools to help them better prepare students for an uncertain future.

Benefits of joining the Consortium:

  • Become pioneers of school and teacher empowerment
  • Gain recognition as a thought leader through outreach to a network of global higher education institutions associated with the IC3 Movement
  • Build strong partnerships within the secondary and higher education system in India and beyond
  • Meet your institution’s mission-related, social responsibility, and global engagement goals
  • Share information about your institution with students who will pursue further studies in their home country or abroad

Membership Requirements:

Founding Members of the consortium are accredited two-year, four-year and/or degree-granting institutions of international repute that:

  • Share the values of the IC3 Institute
  • Opt to adopt a group of high schools for capacity building in career and college counseling practices
  • Commit faculty and staff resources to train high school teachers in the adopted schools in effective career and college counseling approaches
  • Designate one or more experts/faculty members to teach in the IC3 Institute's volunteer faculty program
  • Where feasible, share expertise from the university’s school of education to help shape teacher training practices
  • Support the IC3 Institute through an annual contribution of $10,000 to enable its mission-driven work

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