Program Overview

The Need: Currently, the education ecosystem is at a critical juncture for students because there have been:

- Rapid increase in the number of higher education institutions around the world, with the U.S. having close to 4,000 universities, India having 1,100+ universities, and thousands of colleges/ affiliated institutions among other regions worldwide.

- Greater diversity in the types of higher education programs and pathways

- The variety leads to the need for clarity for students when making definitive and specific decisions.


- There is a 23% increase in global student literacy and a 21% increase in gross enrollment ratio rates since 2010.

- Rise in agent-driven institutional promotion to fulfill quotas.

- Rise in cost of higher education.

- Rise in student debt, potentially due to ill-informed choices.

- Rapid evolution in careers driven by technological advancements and the necessity to upskill/ reskill to stay updated.

Combating these issues requires a progressive approach to university outreach and guidance than traditional practices. Outreach professionals are no longer just torch bearers of an institution; they have become key influencers in building exposure to shape students' and parents' perceptions of different aspects of the higher education landscape.

From the standpoint of outreach professionals, these developments indicate the need for agility, research capability to address the requirements of students and families from diverse demographics and an ethical framework to ensure a holistic approach to the counseling process.

Program Description

Exceed is a comprehensive and holistic training program designed for outreach professionals with 0-3 years of experience that will help transform an outreach professional from an information provider to a facilitator and coach. It aims to provide them with the right knowledge, skills and abilities to navigate the changes and requirements in university outreach engagements. It is designed to help the professional:

  • Shifting from an information-based to a counseling-based approach in university guidance
  • Doing validated research for different regions, institutions, academic boards, students' needs based on demographics, etc.
  • Consolidating qualitative experiences and quantitative data to gauge mindsets, cultural influence, assess academic rigor, student and family needs, and student aspirations
  • Building structures and processes for efficient outreach practices and efforts
  • Having an ethical approach to counseling a student on their program choice in the recruitment cycle
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Program Objectives

1. Building a collaborative approach with all stakeholders in the university to support outreach initiatives

2. Building visibility in the network as a student-centric, ethical brand

3. Learning techniques to research diverse factors that influence the choice of programs

4. Promoting a counseling-based approach to university guidance and engagement initiatives

5. Consolidating the research, student needs, and program offerings to tailor best-fit solutions and recommendations for students

Program Outcomes

1. Leading brand promotion with a mission and value-centric approach

2. Using data-driven reporting and instinctive engagement for better informed and successful outreach practices

3. Strengthening the relationship with students, parents, counselors, school leaders, and other outreach professionals in the network

4. Successfully contextualizing institutional offerings to various stakeholders and attracting best-fit students in enrollment

Program Curriculum (10 modules of 120 minutes each)

Session titles and descriptions:

SESSION 1 Transforming Recruitment: Embracing a Counseling-Based Approach

SESSION 2 Diverse Pathways: Unraveling International Education Systems and Credentials

SESSION 3 From Consideration to Commitment: Exploring the Complexities of Student Decision-Making

SESSION 4 Crafting the University Identity: Differentiating in a Sea of Sameness

SESSION 5 Building Bridges:: Improving Conversations Between Families and Recruiters

SESSION 6 From Vision to Action: Developing a School Outreach Strategy and Budget Proposal

SESSION 7 Expanding Horizons: Trends in Established and Emerging Markets

SESSION 8 Decisions by Design: Leveraging Data for Informed Decision-Making

SESSION 9 From Traditional to Digital: Navigating Innovations and Trends in Strategic Communication with Students and Counselors

SESSION 10 Ethics in Action: Practicing Sustainable Outreach and Recruitment


Eligibility: A full-time university outreach professional with 0-3 years of experience.

Application Requirements:

  • Proof of employment with a university as a full-time outreach professional.
  • Proof of duration of employment

Application and Selection Process: Providing a step-by-step overview of the application and selection process would be helpful.

  • Fill application form
  • Upload proof of employment
  • Complete application fee payment
  • Welcome email
  • Orientation briefing

Cost/Fees: 950$ USD for a 22-hour program (43 USD per hour)

Travel/ Accommodation: The program is fully virtual.

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