Counseling Laboratory


The concept of the Counseling Laboratory™, a fundamental pedagogy of the IC3 Institute, draws upon the belief that curiosity is the fuel for discovery, and inquiry is essential to an internal learning process. When a child wants to “know” on his or her own, learning becomes thrilling and magical.

Pioneered by Mr. Ganesh Kohli, Founder of the IC3 Movement, the Counseling Laboratory™ is not just a physical space but a culture and a mindset within schools that encourages exploration and discovery to bring careers and colleges alive. Unlike academic subjects, careers and colleges are constantly evolving and that signifies the need for a pedagogy that emphasizes an exciting research-driven, data-based decision-making approach in collaboration with stakeholders for student achievement and success.

Learners are equipped to implement this pedagogy in their schools through the program and share the impact through various reporting mechanisms.


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