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Why is career and college counseling important for high schools?

In research instituted by IC3 in 2017, 68% of 1,330 students surveyed mentioned setting up a career counseling office in their high school as the most important action their school can do to help their decision about higher education. Dedicated career and college counseling offices at schools are a critical necessity today, and schools need to help their students in the counseling process as early as class 8 or 9. As careers and colleges evolve, it is essential for high school counselors to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of counseling so they can best help their students.

How can the IC3 Institute help you?

The IC3 (International Career & College Counseling) Institute is a volunteer organization that provides support to high schools around the world through guidance and training resources for high school administrators, teachers and counselors. The IC3 Institute helps schools with a variety of priorities including establishing a counseling office, training human resources and providing access to a repository of remote training and professional development resources.

Who is the IC3 certificate program for?

This program is designed for full-time high school counselors and teachers. The curriculum will equip the counselor to address the three distinct areas of What to Study, Where to Study and How To Go About It (i.e. the process). We recognize that in many cases the school may not have a dedicated counselor and may choose to send a teacher who will assume the responsibility of setting up the counseling department following the completion of their certificate program.

What does the program entail?

The one-year program involves four weeks of residential training at prestigious Indian/international universities, plus an estimated five hours per week of online work throughout the year. The curriculum is administered by volunteers from host universities, industry, trained high school counselors, international universities, etc. Participants are assessed on their online assignments, project work and submission of a “Capstone Project” report addressing setup, implementation and successful operation of the school counseling program.

What is the application process, and cost?

Candidates must be full-time counselors/teachers at a high school, and have permission from their school to participate. Eligibility requirements and the online admissions application can be found here:

The curriculum is delivered at partner universities free of charge. Counselors must fund their own travel needs (airfare, ground transportation) for the four weeks of residential training spent at partner universities. Host universities provide transfers, campus accommodation and full boarding/meals during the residential program week on campus. The candidates also have access to an array of online content and tools.

How can we find out more?

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